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Wed, 25 Apr '12

Weekly Round-up: Shave-angelion, Furniture Food and Mecha Mania

Plus a device that makes any surface a speaker!

Mecha Mecca - If you thought a 1:1 scale model of a Gundam in Tokyo's Odaiba Bay was impressive, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The Diver City Tokyo Plaza is now home to Gundam Front Tokyo, a massive entertainment complex featuring a Gundam-themed cafe, giant dome theater, shops and exclusive exhibits featuring rare archival and production materials. The only thing missing is Andrew W.K., permanently encased in glass, eternally playing Gundam Rock on a golden piano.

Canines & Shave Lines - Clearly, NERV's government grants aren't enough to finance its astronomical operations budget, especially since Shinji has a tendency to incur catastrophic damage to poor Unit 01. Father-of-the-year Gendo Ikari will be shilling for Schick razors and the Third Child, Rei Ayanami, will reveal her inner child on a poster campaign for International Guide Dog Day. We'll admit, we're a little surprised; we thought that lucrative canned bread endorsement would have kept them rolling in green for years.

Sounding Board - Have you ever wished you could turn any household object into a device for blasting the latest L'Arc-en-Ciel album? Sanyo Transport has you covered with their succinctly named Change Anything You Have Into A Speaker USB Vibration Speaker (CAYHIASUSBVS). The $40 USB device plugs into your laptop, then transmits sound through solid objects, turning them into makeshift speakers. You'd better snag one soon because, at only $40, they'll be gone by the time you can say "CAYHIASUSBVS" three times fast.

Sofa Snacks - If you thought your love of baking and interior design were destined to be mutually exclusive, think again. Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada and Portugese designer Rui Pereira created Sapore dei Mobili, a pan which makes tiny furniture-shaped cakes. The best part? They're still more durable than anything you'll find at IKEA (meatballs included).

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