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Thu, 3 May '12

Weekly Round-up: Musical Manga, Beating Bathroom Boredom and Edible Art

Plus high honors for manga-ka Moto Hagio

Manga Pamyu Pamyu - Not content with mere pop superstardom and brain-melting music videos, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu announced at weekend's Nico Nico Chokaigi event that she and manga author Jigoku no Misawa (Kakkokawaii Meigen!) are collaborating on a manga based on the pop star to run in the July issue of Jump SQ. Getting eaten alive by sharks? Magical girls? Random American surfers? Sounds like a recipe for Kyary.

Urine Luck - You don't need to hold it any longer because SEGA has finally implemented its urinal-based video game in bars across Japan. In the aptly-named Toylet players relieve themselves on a sensor that measures volume and pressure that translates the readings into fun. We'd like to say it sounds gross, but this is probably the greatest thing to happen to guys since boxer-briefs.

Kelp Couture - This is certainly a sentence we never thought we'd write, but Japan's Umino Seaweed Shop started producing intricate "designer seaweed." The so-called Designer NORI is featured as part of KATAGAMI Style, an exhibit of 19th century stencil art at Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum in Tokyo. We're not exactly sure how it's made, but, in an interview, the owner said there were lasers involved, which is always a huge plus in our book.

Pretty in Purple - Shojo manga author Moto Hagio (A-A, They Were Eleven) made history this weekend when the Japanese government announced it will award her the Spring 2012 Medal with Purple Ribbon, which honors academic and artistic achievement. The Year 24 Group alum is the first female manga creator to receive the award and the second woman to receive it ever. We don't have any jokes to make, so we'll just bite our tongues and offer Moto-san a well-deserved "congratulations."

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