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Tue, 8 Jan '13

A Site for Sore Eyes: TOKYOPOP's New Website

We're back on the web and it's better than ever!

Good things come to those who wait and we know that you've been waiting for quite some time for the new incarnation of TOKYOPOP.com, which is why we're ecstatic to announce the relaunch of our website. Our official site has been on hiatus since May 2011, leaving our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages to fill the void in your hearts during the interim. Fortunately, patience is a virtue (and you guys have been supremely virtuous), so we're back with a simpler, more functional design to serve as your one-stop shop for all the latest manga releases, news and TOKYOPOP goodies you could ask for.

While we've announced before that we have a boutique selection of manga available via print-on-demand at RightStuf and digitally at distributors like Graphicly, comiXology and iBooks, all of that info is now in one convenient place for your perusing pleasure. With titles like Hetalia, Bizenghast, Afterlife, Psy-Comm and more to choose from, getting your favorite Japanese and OEL titles has never been easier. Looking to get TOKYOPOP-branded gear? We've got a Cafe Press store for that, which will feature a rotating series of designs so you can wear your TOKYOPOP pride on your sleeve both figuratively and literally.

As evidenced by the fact that you're reading this, you're clearly a person with fine tastes in reading material, so why not head over to the site and expand your horizons with the brand new blog to keep up with the latest company news, behind-the-scenes musings and occasional insight from TOKYOPOP founder Stu Levy himself. You can also keep up with news on our special projects like America's Greatest Otaku and keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming film and television projects. But, most of all, just come by and check out the new digs. It's been a while  - we've missed you - and, like they say, there's no place like homepage.

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