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Fri, 20 Jul '12

NERVs of Steel: Neon Genesis Evangelion in Real Life

Horrifically bad parenting sold separately.

Have you ever been watching an anime and thought to yourself, "Pfft, I could do that?" Was the anime you were watching Neon Genesis Evangelion? If so, you're in luck because from August 25th-26th, New People's J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco will play host to "Real Escape Game x Evangelion: Escape from an Angel," an immersive, live-action multiplayer game that begins at New People's cinema center and spills out into San Francisco's Japantown neighborhood. And, unlike the series, this game won't leave your scratching your head wondering what the heck just happened.

Real Escape Games like Comic-Con's The Walking Dead Escape and the Resident Evil/hospital escape game have become increasingly popular both in Japan and the US in recent years. Unlike the zombie-filled horror of the aformentioned games, the Evangelion Real Escape Game puts you and a group of teammates in the role of NERV operatives surrounded by invisible Angels, forced to use your wits to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape the mysterious place. Their site recommends wearing "detective style clothes" to "help to sharpen your mind," but we think dressing like this might give you a bigger advantage.

Considering that over 10,000 people played the game last year, you can rest assured that it's a fun, faithful adaptation of the source material. Just think, for only $20 (prior to the event, $25 at the door), you can have the memory of a lifetime (and if it's anything like its source material, some severe psychological trauma too). Have you or would you take part in a Real Escape Game? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

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