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Wed, 9 Jul '14

Course of the Force Takes a Trip Down the West Coast

Lando Knows the Left Coast is the Best Coast


Course of the Force Takes a Trip Down the West Coast

Wed, 9 Jul '14
It may have been a wretched hive of scum and villainy to Obi Wan Kenobi, but many in Mos Eisley probably thought of Chalmun's Cantina as...more

TOKYOPOP on YouTube: I Luv Halloween and Raw Tuna

Wed, 2 Oct '13
The time has almost come to trick or treat; our quota for candy we gots to meet! Happy October, everyone! This is one of our favorite...more

Whisk(er) Yourself Away to Japan's Cat Islands

Tue, 1 Oct '13
It's not small secret that Japan has an obsession with adorable cats. From the omnipresent gaze of Hello kitty to the much sought after cat...more

WTFood: China's Toilet-Themed Restaurant

Mon, 30 Sep '13
Recently we introduced you to the wild world of Japanese toilets, but just across the ocean in China, they're taking things a step further...more

Week in Review: Udon Noodles, Techno Music & Polar Bears, Oh My!

Fri, 27 Sep '13
Better Than Dubstep: Japanese folks are always streets ahead on the latest trends and this newest one is uniquely Japanese. Love Udon...more

Monkeying Around: The Best Spots to See Wild Monkeys in Japan

Thu, 26 Sep '13
Yamanouchi: Located in the northern prefecture of Nagano (home of the 1998 Winter Olympics), Yamanouchi is one of Japan's most popular...more

TOKYOPOP on YouTube: Top 10 Gothic Lolita Makeup Tutorials, Wedding Palace & More

Wed, 25 Sep '13
Got a hot date this weekend? Let TOKYOPOP-TV be your wingman! This week, we’ve got the building blocks for a perfect dinner and movie...more

The Best Back to School Anime

Mon, 23 Sep '13
Azumanga Daioh: Also known as “Great King Azumanga”, Azumanga Daioh is a Japanese comedy based on a popular 4-panel yonkoma manga of...more

Meet Japan's 102 Year-Old Sprinting Champion

Thu, 19 Sep '13
How many times have you looked back and forth between your gym bag and your Xbox controller only to opt for a more sedentary course of...more

TOKYOPOP on YouTube: The Top 10 Japanese Robots & Wedding Palace

Wed, 18 Sep '13
It’s that time of the week again, folks! Flip on over to TOKYOPOP-TV to get a double-dose of Asian pop culture goodness to soothe your...more