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Fri, 16 Nov '12

Cosplay Friday: Make Way for Brian Milne [Full]

Because he said "sew!"

It's not just Friday, guys - it's Cosplay Friday! This month we're continuing our ode to male cosplayers in Cosplay Friday with Brian Milne. A native our of friendly neighbor to the north, Brian has brought a plethora of costumes to life – from Batman's Bruce Wayne to Wayne from Wayne’s World. No matter what the costume, his impeccable attention to detail is inspirational and a shining example of sound craftsmanship. Be sure to check out our gallery of his excellent work and our weekly round-up of the best cosplay around the web.

TOKYOPOP: How did you get started cosplaying?

Brian Milne: 
Well, Halloween has always been my favorite night of the year. I would spend all my time planning out what I wanted to dress up as. It wasn't until I went to my first convention in '03 and saw all these people in costume, that I realized I could dress up in public more than once a year! My mind just went crazy thinking of all the characters I could be at these events. Then, while playing Street Fighter II (one of my favorite games growing up), it hit me what I wanted my first cosplay to be: the All-American Guile. I ran to the army surplus shop and grabbed camo pants, dogtags, tank top, bleached my hair and spiked it up into his exaggerated flatop and I had an amazing time at that con (even though everyone seemed to think I was Heero from Gundam Wing for some reason). That's how it all started for me.

TP: What’s your favorite costume to wear and why?

I just love entertaining the people in whatever I wear, but if I were to pick just one, I'd say Booster Gold. When I get into character I have a blast as him. I advertise products, I sign autographs, I've hosted panels on how to be a better superhero...The Booster Gold Way! 

TP: What's been your biggest construction challenge so far?

Ame-Comi Batman. It was a month and a half of non-stop sculpting and casting. It was also the first time I had made something Of that magnitude, so it was all a trial and error process. After all that work and lack of sleep, it all paid off.

TP: How much did you know about sewing/crafting before you got involved in cosplay?

Absolutely nothing. After a few years of wearing Guile my grandmother gave me a sewing machine and taught me some of the basics. Other than that I had to learn as I went along.

TP: What do you look for in a potential costume?

It has to be a character that I love first of all, then it comes down to budgeting the costume, finding the right fabric, and sometimes getting into the mindset of that character.

TP: If you had unlimited time and money, what would be your dream costume to make?

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver. It's always been one of my favorite animes and It's always been an amazing design to me. Evil FX over at Bioweapons.com with his Guyver was one of my inspirations to get into making bigger and better costumes, and without his tutorial I would have never learned how to make some of the props I've made.

TP: What words of advice would you give to those who are interested in becoming a cosplayer?

First: Don't listen to what people say about your costume; dress up as who you want. Second: Research. Don't get in over your head with costumes. If you want to challenge yourself, go for it. But never pick some outlandish costume and just think "Yeah, I could do that". If you want to build a big one, work your way up to it. Give yourself time to find different ways to to do each piece. Build some smaller suits and grow from there. Third: always be prepared, bring sewing supplies and a glue gun with you to a con, because you never know what will happen

TP: What’s the most important skill a cosplayer should possess?

Patience. When you're making a costume, some things won't workout. Sometimes you'll have to completely restart it, It will be hell on your nerves.

TP: What's you favorite experience you've had in costume?

I have two from San Diego Comic-Con. I got to work with DC Collectibles at their panel and at their booth as Ame-Comi Batman. When I was Deathstroke later that weekend, Marv Wolfman (creator of Teen Titans) walked up to me and said "Hello, I created you! Can I have your picture?" and I was just speechless. He started bringing me around the DC booth to the artists and writers saying "have you seen this Deathstroke!?!"

TP: Any upcoming projects you’d like to talk about?

Right now I'm focusing on more simple costumes. I'm currently piecing together a Lobo costume for the fun of it, other than that I've just been focusing on building a better workshop. 

For more on Brian Milne and his costumed capers, check out our gallery of his work on Nerdist.com.

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