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Fri, 18 Jan '13

Cosplay Friday: Amanda Avery Assemble! [Full]

We catch up with cosplay's bunny-loving Nick Fury.

Wake up and smell the cosplay! We're kicking off the first Cosplay Friday of the new year by shining a spotlight on a true creator, Amanda Avery. Ms. Avery is the brains behind the oft-shared cosplay group, the Avenger Bunnies Initiative, which was featured on Marvel Live and recently recognized as one of the best cosplay groups of 2012 by io9. Find out how Amanda got started cosplaying and how a random comment at a party started a cosplay phenomenon. Then, mosey on over to Nerdist.com to see our gallery of Amanda's impressive work in our Cosplay Friday round-up!

TOKYOPOP: So, tell us - how did you get started cosplaying?

Amanda Avery:
I started back in about 2004, so I was around 13 years old at the time. It's hard for me to really remember how I got started exactly, but I think it was sort of an accident. Back when I was a kid, anime was just pushing itself into the mainstream. Conventions were the only place you could buy DVD's and manga at the time, and I used to spend hours looking through con reports wanting to go to one. Because the pictures were mostly of cosplayers I figured it must be required to dress up! So I went to my first con and met so many people; after the whole thing I was hooked!

TP: You were the mastermind behind the Avenger Bunnies cosplay group that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con this year. How did you come up with the idea?

Funnily enough, it came to me at a random moment during a party. I was talking with another soon-to-be-bunny (Victoria/ScruffyRebel) and spouted the idea out at random. I've had a longtime obsession with Playboy Bunny suits and comics alike, so I threw them together just to get a laugh! Later I thought it through and decided to draw them up to see what it would look like then put that up on Facebook.

TP: Did you imagine the group would be such a hit?

I can't say that I really did. I thought it would be moderately popular for what it is but I never imagined it would be this popular. I've seen tons of people doing costumes with the same concept and it's all very flattering.

TP: Any other big group cosplay planned for this year?

AA: Nope! There will be more Bunnies though.

TP: Can't go wrong with Bunnies. How much did you know about sewing/crafting before you got involved in cosplay?

Literally nothing. Cosplay taught me everything I know about most everything; I now make my living making swimmable mermaid tails and the business is entirely built on cosplay experience.

TP: If you had unlimited time and money, what would be your dream costume to make?

Honestly I would use up all that time and money to make original costumes! That aside, I could always go for an Iron Man.

TP: What's you favorite experience you've had in costume?

Rachel (Captain America Bunny) and I were at SDCC, she in her TARDIS costume and I in my Star Trek uniform. We were looking up at the G4 tower trying to catch the attention of John Barrowman by waving. He professionally brushed us off, but Charlie Day, who was standing next to John, thought we were waving at him. He got really excited and waved back. It was just so much weirdness happening at once, I loved it.

TP: It's always sunny at Comic-Con. Any upcoming projects you’d like to talk about?

I'm just doing little things here and there this year, the bunnies wore me out!

Be sure to check out our gallery of Amanda's impressive work in our Cosplay Friday round-up at Nerdist.com, then let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

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