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Thu, 27 May '10

The Oven Mitt Strikes Back

The beast that gobbled the Millenium Falcon moves on to your grill

Barbecue season is finally here. And while everyone agrees that your “Hail to the Chef” apron is totally hilarious, it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade your grill gear with something a little more clever. Something a little more geeky. Something a lot more awesome.

You’re gonna need the Space Slug Oven Mitt.

Now available for pre-order exclusively from the Star Wars Shop, this grill glove is modeled after the giant asteroid-inhabiting beast that swallowed the Millenium Falcon in The Empire Strikes Back. Truly hardcore Star Wars fans know these creatures are officially called Exogorths. They’re a silicon-based life form that burrows into asteroids, drawing sustenance from the rock minerals and growing to be up to 900 meters long—which is just about the right size to gobble a spaceship. The largest ones have insides inhabited by winged, power-cable-chewing mynocks. Or, in this case, possibly just your hand.

Added bonus: Since Exogorths eats rocks and spaceships, they can probably also handle your cooking.

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