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Thu, 24 Feb '11

Hell on Wheel

This movie about a killer car tire will blow your mind. Hopefully not for real.

Rubber is a good movie about a killer tire. Take a moment and let that sink in.

Because of its low-budget intensity, guerrilla film sensibility and dark humor, this horror flick is making roadkill out of all the other scare-fare lately. And because it's really good, most of the normies in the mainstream have no idea that it exists.

Rubber will be available On Demand starting tomorrow, and will roll into select theaters in April. How much more do we have to sell the horror/geek appeal of a living car tire that rolls around killing people with the psychokinetic powers of its tire mind? Also, the tire’s name is Robert. And it’s a better actor than Nicolas Cage (who is appearing in this weekend's other car-based flick, Drive Angry).

was directed by Quentin Dupieux, who’s also a French electro musician. Depieux adds a layer of art-housey intellectualism to the bizarre horror plot. The film made the festival rounds last year and wracked up excited reviews at places like Cannes, AFI and Fantastic Fest.

If this is the level of creativity we can expect from genre flicks in 2011, we can safely predict it's going to be a Goodyear.

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