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Mon, 22 Feb '10

‘I’ll Bid $300,000 For Batman!’

Rebuy all the old comic books your grandma made your dad throw away

Grab your money bags and write a number on a ping pong paddle—you’re going to an auction!

The massive Heritage Auction of comics and comic art takes place this Thursday through Saturday, and the most notable book on the block will be a well-maintained copy of Detective Comics #27, aka the first appearance of Batman. The issue is expected to go for more than $300,000 and become the most expensive comic book ever sold. (See you later Action Comics #1, bought last March for $317,200 by the drummer for System of a Down!)

And here's the best part: Even a street urchin like yourself can take a run at the auction’s items by making early bids online. Although the coolest stuff is probably beyond your credit limit—some Jack Kirby cover art, original Charles Schultz Peanuts strips, the first issue of some comic book called Marvel—it still makes for interesting online ogling. Plus, there are actually a few unique items you could conceivably bid on without risking bankruptcy. May we suggest a Jonah Hex splash page, a trippy Marvel blacklight poster from 1971 or mayhaps a Scrooge McDuck Faberge Egg?

If you want, you can also bid on original art from Garfield and/or Cracked magazine. Although it’s unclear why you would ever want to do such a thing.

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