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Thu, 15 Apr '10


Peep an exclusive first look at the new Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks

Whenever you went to a Chinese food restaurant as a child, you always used the chopsticks to have swordfights with your siblings. That’s why your parents stopped taking you to nice places. (How many times do they need to explain that?)

Well, now you’re finally old enough to do whatever the heck you want in any restaurant, which is why GeekChicDaily is proud to unveil to you the second set of Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks, the eating utensils actually meant to be used as swords. Or, more specifically, lightsabers.

Collectible maker Kotobukiya introduced their first set of Star Wars chopsticks last year to such excitement that they’ve revealed a sequel. Think of it as The Chopsticks Strike Back. These nine-inch sushi sticks will be available in two sets of two: the first set contains red Darth Maul and green Luke Skywalker sabers, while the second set contains red Darth Maul and purple Mace Windu sabers. So either way, you’re getting Darth Maul sticks, which is fortunate because his lightsabers can be connected into a double-headed chopstick! Admittedly, that mode is not great for picking up sushi. But it’s perfect for running through Liam Neeson.

The chopsticks will be on display for the first time at this weekend’s Anaheim Comic Con. Bring some General Tso’s and check them out!

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