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Fri, 24 Feb '12

The 2012 Golden Geeks: Awarding the Real Best in Cinema

If we picked the Oscar winners - and the categories - our Sunday would go like this:

Best Geek Picture: Super. If Nathan Fillion in spandex told you God wanted you to be a superhero, would you believe him? Of course you would. And Rainn Wilson is heaven-sent.

Best Geek Actor: Patton Oswalt, Young Adult.
We never thought we'd see a character in a major movie be an action-figure customizer, except as a cheap laugh. And we really wanna try that "Mos Eisley" bourbon his character makes.

Best Geek Actress: Ellen Page, Super. Snarky comic-book store clerks are nothing new in popular fiction. Snarky, sexy, psychotic comic-store clerks who become deranged super-sidekicks...after having played a big-screen X-Men member? Yeah, Boltie has beaten out Kitty Pryde in our hearts.

Best Supporting Geek Performance: Andy Serkis, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Adventures of Tintin. In real life, a potentially homicidal chimp and a violence-prone, alcoholic sea captain are the last people you'd want to be around. Yet in his mo-cap suit, Serkis made us love them both.

Best Villain: Albert Brooks, Drive.
Who's afraid of Albert Brooks in real life (or even Real Life)? Nobody. Who'd cross the street to avoid crossing the path of his Drive character? Us. Such is the power of acting.

Best Badass: Ryan Gosling, Drive.
The scorpion jacket rules. Plus you never hear him whining about his backstory. Dude just drives and hurts people.

Best Geek Adaptation: X-Men: First Class.
It made yellow jumpsuits work, years after the first movie mocked the very notion. 'Nuff said.

Best Geek Soundtrack: The Muppets. And not just for Kermit and company - it also boasts the best use of a Starship song since Mannequin.

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