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Thu, 9 Feb '12

The Course of the Force... An Epic Journey to Comic-Con

This Lucasfilm run will bring out the Nerdist in you.

Chris Hardwick and presidential candidate Marvin E. Quasniki want to know if the Force is strong with you, because they are enlisting Jedi to run or walk for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Until hyperdrive is invented, you'll never be able to do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. But an Olympic-style relay powered by your fellow Star Wars fanatics? We're going to make that happen. Nerdist Industries is teaming with Lucasfilm Ltd., Octagon Global Events and Machinima to present the first annual Course of the Force lightsaber relay.

In the days leading up to the San Diego Comic-Con, California will feel the force of jogging Jedi-heads doing their very best Speeder Bike impressions over 127 miles to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It begins in the Naboo-esque realm of Santa Monica and ends at San Diego Comic-Con, which is the closest thing fans have to our own city-world of Coruscant. 
Starting Saturday, July 7th, each runner will pass the saber on to the next Padawan at quarter mile increments until reaching San Diego on Wednesday, July 11th, preview night of Comic-Con. The runners will be accompanied by Hardwick and his cohorts in a lead vehicle, providing live commentary along the way. Stay tuned to CourseOfTheForce.com and keep an eye on our newsletter in the coming weeks for a chance to win one of the relay slots. Work on getting in ship-shape now so that jump to light speed works when you need it.

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