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Mon, 19 Mar '12

NERDSWAG: The Nerdist Channel's Silver Star Trek Celebration

With the new lineup revealed, we cross the first of many frontiers.

It's been quite a dramatic last few days. We revealed the new lineup of shows for The Nerdist Channel at WonderCon. Chris Hardwick was attacked by a reporter during his announcement press conference. Oh, and we crossed the threshold of 25,000 subscribers to our channel – a silver anniversary we can't thank you enough for. But we're going to try, with a celebratory Star Trek giveaway to help you shine on. Enter now to win a replica phaser and command insignia by QMX, along with a pair of Potato Heads (Kirk and Kor) and some Klingon Monopoly! Gild the lily with extra entries at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Let's talk about that lineup, as it has something to hit on every variety of nerdom. For movie nerds, we've turned Harry Knowles into a puppet to deliver a televised take on Ain't It Cool. Music nerds can get Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic. Comic-book nerds who can't make it to New York will finally see the Comic Book Club Live. Political nerds can continue to follow Marvin E. Quasniki on the campaign trail. Celebrity-gossip nerds can see Chris Hardwick knock famnous people down a pin or two, literally, as he bowls them over in Chris Hardwick's All-Star Lanes.

If your word for nerd is “otaku,” revel in Weird Sh#!t from Japan. And if you just like to see cute things exploding, we've got a show called...uh...Cute Things Exploding. Plus new web-friendly archives of Kids in the Hall, Farscape and Simian Undercover Detective Squad. The humor adventure is only beginning, though, because further down the line we'll be introducing new shows featuring the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Zombie, Awkward Family Photos, the Dudesons, Geoff Boucher, Justin Willman, Ralph Cirella, Neil deGrasse Tyson and more. That's cause to celebrate – so subscribe now and then go enter the Silver Star Trek contest right now, and beam up your extra entries via our Facebook and Twitter. Our engines are overloading with awesomeness.

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