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Tue, 10 Jan '12

Geek This Week: Devotion to Downloads

Also: Nerdist lets The Fades decide, Batman's back in blocks and Hurley's lost in a new island.

TECHPray Like a Pirate Day - Folks who illegally download movies and music for free can get awfully self-righteous in defense of their misdeeds, but in Sweden they're now quite literally sanctimonious. The government there just granted official recognition to the church of the Kopimi ("copy me") movement, which states that "information is holy and copying is a sacrament." We suspect they're just trying to impress that hacker girl with the dragon tattoo.

TVFades'll Attract 'Em - Make it a nerdy new year with the January BBC America Nerdist special, as Chris and the gang try out a whole new kind of Talking Dead by previewing new horror-fantasy series The Fades, in which evil spirits threaten humanity. As evil spirits are wont to do - it's their job description, more or less.

GAMESBatman from the Block - WB's Lego Batman 2 game will feature heavy-hitters like Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern teaming up with Bats to disassemble the deadly devices of Lex Luthor and the Joker. But wait: if GL's ring doesn't work against yellow, wouldn't he lose a fight to, like, almost every Lego minifigure ever made?

TVThe Rock is Cookin' - Monday sees the debut on Fox of Alcatraz, in which former inmates of the infamous prison island mysteriously come back to life to commit more crimes. Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage weren't available to stop them, so in their place we have Sarah Jones, Sam Neill, Robert Forster...oh, and Hurley from Lost. Because after what he's been through with weird islands, one full of dead people's a piece of delicious, yummy cake.


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