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Fri, 6 Jan '12

Geek This Week: Crazy for Nuts

Plus: Devils inside, dolls debated and Don deals deception.

MOVIESInside Out - Created to copy the success of Paranormal Activity develop genre movies with budgets under a million dollars, Paramount's new Insurge division kicks off the new year with The Devil Inside, a found-footage flick about underground exorcisms. Key to its likely success: as anyone who ever got left with grandma while the parents made merry on a kid-free vacation can attest, old people are truly terrifying when they scream at you.

GEARKickin' the Nuts - Peanuts, cashews and sunflower seeds make great snacks, but wouldn't they be better if they also contained caffeine? That's the thinking behind Gamer Food. We're still waiting on the nacho-flavored bananas promised us in the Schwarzenegger-heavy future of The Sixth Day, but for now it appears we have the perfect accompaniment for that next Red-Bull-and-vodka.

TVDirty Don - Don Cheadle channels Don Draper as a crooked management consultant in Showtime's House of Lies, which premieres this Sunday and also stars Kristen Bell. You can check out the first episode right now online, but all the naughty bits and bad words have been edited out. If that makes you a Mad Man, try to make a friend who gets the good channels before the weekend.

TOYSValue of the Dolls - Did you know that "dolls" are hit with taxes almost twice those imposed on mere "toys"? A doll is any plaything that's meant to represent a human being, while aliens, demons and the like are merely toys. This has caused Marvel to insist that legally, the X-Men and other superheroes are not human, contrary to the central theme of the comics. Good thing they don't make Joan Rivers toys - that case could go on for years.

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