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Wed, 3 Oct '12

Five Things You May Not Know About Fangoria's Blood & Guts Host Scott Ian

Secrets of the shaven-headed speed metaler.

In today's debut episode of Fangoria's Blood & Guts on the Nerdist Channel, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian goes to the KNB EFX workshop with makeup maestro Greg Nicotero and discovers the secrets behind some of his most famous creations and/or collected acquisitions, from Walking Dead zombies to Predator heads. But what secrets lurk inside Ian's distinctive head? If you wrote him off as just another rocker, you'd be way wrong. Here are some facts you probably didn't know:

COMICSHe reaches for the stars. Horror's not the only genre Ian specializes in - he's also a huge science fiction fan. It may not come as a big surprise that he loves Doctor Who; that's pretty much both a prerequisite for, and a natural byproduct of, being associated with Nerdist. But he also frakking loves Battlestar Galactica - so much so that he was an official blogger for the show at Syfy's website (back when it was still SciFi). He even filmed video of himself in Starbuck's Viper.

COMICSHe would do anything for love, and he will do that. Scott Ian is married to Pearl Aday - and if you think you recognize that surname, yep, you guessed it...that makes Meat Loaf his father-in-law. 

COMICSHair today, slogan tomorrow. One of Ian's trademarks is that beard of his which looks like it could scrub paint off your car, but that's not the only part of him to be uniquely hirsute. He's got mighty chest hair too; it's thick enough that he once shaved the word "Not" into it.

COMICSHe wears his influences on his sleeve...literally. A lot of rockers over the years have been inspired by AC/DC. But how many of them have tattooed an image of Angus Young wearing Highway to Hell devil horns on their right arm?

COMICSHis original surname is "Rosenfeld." Not quite as pithy as "Ian."

Now that you know the host a little more (there's also our interview, and a Nerdist podcast he guested on), check out the show! Fangoria's Blood & Guts with Scott Ian premieres today on the Nerdist Channel.

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