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Quick Hits

Suvivorman Speaks

SOS Island's survival expert, Les Stroud, gives tips to nerds for making it in the wild.

Elite Eight

Learn about the contestants of SOS Island so you can Choose Your Champion.

Coulson Connection

Clark Gregg, your favorite Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., is on the Nerdist Podcast!

X-cellent Casting

What would an X-Men movie cast look like if it had been made in the '60's?

@Midnight Massacre

Miss an episode of @Midnight w/ Chris Hardwick? Catch up on Nerdist.com!

Word on Sword

Have you been missing Heavenly Sword? Sony has and they're releasing a movie. 

Full Episodes

Complete episodes of @midnight will be available online starting October 22nd!

More Hardwick

Get an @midnight primer by watching some of Chris Hardwick's best stand-up.

Lost No More

Nine episodes of classic Doctor Who have been found. Kyle explains...