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Quick Hits

Rocket Punch

The Rocketeer and The Spirit come together on the pull list in a new crossover. 

Arrow Exclusive

Check out our exclusive preview of the Ollie action in Arrow #9 on Nerdist.com!

Pull List

Red Sonja, Day Men, and Batman '66 are highlights of this week's Pull List.

Cyber Heroes

Writer Sam Humphries tells us all about putting heroes in the computer for Avengers A.I.

Rise of Reis

We caught up with DC's Trinity War artist Ivan Reis about DC's summer crossover.

Of Course

It was serendipity that Brian Wood's Star Wars tops the list this week.

King Kirkman

Find out what Robert Kirkman has in store for The Walking Dead's tenth anniversary!

Fraction Follies

Matt Fraction's Satellite Sam #1 knocks us into orbit on the Pull List.

Wolverine Writers

The Nerdist Comics Panel talks to Wolverine: Season One scribes Acker and Blacker.