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Fri, 30 Dec '11

The Best Ways to Avoid Times Square Tomorrow Night

There's no need to live the plot of that new Garry Marshall movie.

Pick of the Glitter - Descend into the Velvet Goldmine of The Irondale Center for the glam Glitter Ball. Is the best part of a 1979 New Year's Eve-themed bash the stunning aerial show, a magician hostess or getting to pretend you can still see the original Empire Strikes Back in the theater in five months?

Feast of the Deceased - According to director Roland Emmerich, polar shifts and the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar will shortly mark the end of civilization. According to the DUMBO restaurant Vinegar Hill House, zombies are responsible. Their apocalypse-themed four-course meal allows you to literally feast on brains to prep for your new undead life in 2012.

Get Footloose - Sure, 1984 was a momentous year in film: the Ghostbusters made a complete particle reversal, Buckaroo Banzai adventured across the 8th dimension and the Muppets took Manhattan. Don't let all that overshadow the incredible music of the decade. Listen to the self-titled alien abduction concept album A Flock of Seagulls for proof or watch cover band Rubix Kube play the best '80s good time oldies at The Canal Room.

Very Old Year's Eve - Sub the popped corks for organic popped corn and party like it's 160,000,000 BCE at IFC Center's midnight screening of Jurassic Park. You can also pick up one of their awesome metal band/director fusion t-shirts to wear every day in 2012.

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