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Sun, 3 Aug '14

Top 10 Movies You May Not Know Were Based on Comics

They aren't all spandex and capes.

You've probably seen the posters or trailer for the new action-comedy film 2 Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. You may not be aware that this movie...more

Top 10 Movies You May Not Know Were Based on Comics

Sun, 3 Aug '14
A History of Violence - David Cronenberg's harrowing and twisty film about a simple man in Indiana (Viggo Mortensen) who, after a...more

Course of the Force: Sing Along with Lando and Friends!

Wed, 9 Jul '14
Who among us hasn't dreamed of being a character in the Star Wars cantina scene? The music, the set and of course all the...more

SOS Island Invites You to Choose Your Champion

Tue, 5 Nov '13
Being stranded on a deserted island is no picnic. You've got to build shelter, purify your drinking water and forage for food, and that's...more

Watch Jessica Chobot On The New Nerdist News

Mon, 4 Nov '13
The countdown is over. Today marks the debut of the all new Nerdist News with your host, Jessica Chobot. She’s our favorite news...more

Halloween Hijinks: The Real Houswives of Horror

Thu, 31 Oct '13
Horror-ble Housewives - From Brea Grant and Kevin Pereira and the team over at SuperCreative comes a pitch perfect parody of the vapid Real...more

Chris Hardwick's @midnight Premiering Tonight on Comedy Central

Mon, 21 Oct '13
What are you doing tonight? Say, around 12:00am? If you've got cable, then you may want to check out Chris Hardwick's new Comedy Central...more

Booker Catch!

Fri, 11 Oct '13
BioShocking Booker - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Tom and Jerry. Chip and Dale. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth? more

Comic Book Day: The Return of Serenity at NYCC

Wed, 9 Oct '13
Serenity Now - Nine years after bowing on the silver screen, our favorite Firefly class starship returns. Get your first look at Serenity:...more

Tom Hanks Returns

Mon, 7 Oct '13
Hanks Again - In this weekend's Captain Phillips, Tom Hanks plays a cargo ship captain who gets to know his captors in much the same way he...more

Blood & Guts with Scott Ian Returns!

Fri, 4 Oct '13
Gore Galore - Everybody's favorite special effects makeup show hosted by a heavy metal icon, Blood & Guts with Scott Ian, is back for...more