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Tue, 8 Nov '11

Get Shaken and Stirred With the Cast and Crew of Archer

Paley Center plays host to America's favorite cartoon spy.

There have been many spy spoofs throughout the years: Get Smart, Spies Like Us and the Woody Allen Casino Royale just to name a few. Perhaps none have captured the audience's imagination more than the cartoon romp Archer. Since it premiered two seasons ago, Sterling Archer has wormed his way into our hearts using a sublime mix of espionage tomfoolery and an off-putting fascination with Burt Reynolds. Now you'll finally have your chance to ask Archer where Mayor Giuliani hid the old Times Square. There's definitely something spy-worthy going on there.

Danger Zone: In the Field with Archer is partnering with the New York Comedy Festival and boasts a wide assortment of the show's on-screen and off-screen talent. There's man of a thousand voices H. Jon Benjamin and woman of a thousand fansites Aisha Tyler. Show creator Adam Reed and series actor David Cross will also be parachuting out of a stealth fighter to make appearances. Just think, you can be the millionth person to tell Mr. Cross to hurry up with those new Arrested Development episodes. Seriously, do that. We need more Tobias Funke in our life.

The main theater is sold out but you can investigate the panel from a closed circuit viewing room for just ten bucks. Attach your silencer, pump some Kenny Loggins and quietly sneak over to the Paley Center at 1PM on November 12th. The world's most dangerous super-agent thanks you in advance.

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