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Mon, 12 Mar '12

Keepin' Secrets with Jessica Parker Kennedy

The Secret Circle star casts a spell on us in this interview

Something wicked this way comes...and if you're talking about Jessica Parker Kennedy, then it must be something wicked awesome. We sat down with the spellbinding Secret Circle star to talk about her otherworldly oeuvre, ghostly goings-on and her experiences with fandom and fame.

Nerdist News: From the superhuman to the supernatural, you keep playing larger-than-life, otherworldly roles. Do you find yourself drawn to genres like these or are you more motivated by individual characters?

Jessica Parker Kennedy:
I'm definitely motivated by roles based on individual characters.  The journey of a character is what I'm really interested in and what excites me.  I don't have a genre that I'm more passionate about then another.  I hope to have a range of genres in under my belt some day.

NN: You had a well received run on Smallville as Plastique. Were you a fan of the comics/Superman before the show? If so, what was your favorite or are you a fan now?

I had only seen the Christopher Reeve Superman movies from the eighties, which I loved, but I knew nothing about the comic books.  It has been really fascinating and rewarding to be a part of that world.  

NN: You've played in a couple of universes that have some pretty devoted fans. What has your experience with fandom been. Any awkward fan interactions you can tell us about?

The fans of the comic and supernatural world are like none other.  I truly truly have such great appreciation and respect for them.  Their support and enthusiasm is always on my mind everyday when I go to work.  No crazy stories yet but I keep getting stopped by women in changing rooms when I'm buying clothes which is definitely awkward.

NN: You play a witch on the CW's Secret Circle. Have you ever had any supernatural scares? Don't worry; your secret is safe with us.

My mom and I lived in a house back in Calgary, AB that we were convinced was haunted. Not necessarily in a scary way though. Mostly in an annoying way. Things were always going missing and turning up in utterly ridiculous places that we thought we never would have put them.  

NN: What movies, books, games or shows get you going as a fan?

I devotedly watch Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and Shameless. I met Aaron Paul the other day and may have "nerded" out on him pretty hard.

NN: Superheroes are very much back in the cultural zeitgeist. What is your favorite superhero/comic book adaptation and why?

I recently saw the first season of Game of Thrones. Huge fan! It's so grand and savage!  The next comic con I'm at, I'll be looking for that cast!  I was also a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show fan growing up.  Like butterflies in my tummy when it would come on.

NN: Have you had the urge to jump on the other side of the creative spectrum and write or direct? Any ideas for something of your own? 

Not yet. I see myself possibly writing something in the future. I used to write all the time as a kid. I look forward to getting re inspired to do so! 

Catch Jessica in Secret Circle, Thursdays on the CW at 9PM EST. If you're at WonderCon this weekend, be sure to check out the Secret Circle panel on Friday at 4PM to catch an advance screening of a new episode, then stick around for a super-awesome Nerdist panel!

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