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Saber 2 Behind the Scenes Gallery

  • Judging from this still alone, it would appear that two test subjects have escaped from Aperture Science

  • You lucky dog, you! (We're talking to the canine, though you, dear viewer, are also fortunate)

  • FUN FACT: to get yourself excited for dog grooming, start voguing or strike a Mariah Carey-esque pose!

  • Uh oh, we've seen this classic horror movie shot before...

  • What could possibly have these lovely ladies so distressed?

  • Of course. A Wookiee. Looks like they're going to need a bigger bottle of conditioner.

  • On the scene as Seth Green screens the green screen during the scene. We're sorry; we'll see ourselves out.

  • The smell of wet Wookiee is one we're glad we can only imagine.

  • Remember, kids: don't use the Force without adult supervision. These are trained Jedi professionals and they can handle slippery tiles.

  • You've made Rileah angry, which as we all know leads to darkness, which leads to sexy lightsaber fights. Wait, why was this a bad thing again?

  • Even if they didn't make the lightsabers look one million times cooler in post, this scene would still be awesome.

  • As the saying goes, it takes a village to wash a Wookiee. Or something like that. Quit judging us with your judgy eyes. Go watch Saber 2 already!