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Mon, 22 Oct '12

I,Retool: 5 Movies We Want to See in 3D

Fox's I, Robot spearheads a new process for post-conversion 3D

Starting tomorrow, fans of I, Robot will be able to see the movie in a whole new way as Fox is releasing it on Blu-ray in 3D. Why is that a big deal? Because I, Robot wasn't made or released in 3D when it originally came out in 2004. I, Robot is the first feature film from a major studio to be converted to 3D for a home entertainment release. Fox was able to justify the cost by doing some R & D to streamline the process to create a cost- and time-saving post-conversion 3D workstation with their partners at JVC. They are essentially the Henry Ford to 3D movies' automobile. The process is admittedly not designed for theatrical projection, so don't expect to see any films (like Aliens or The Abyss) where the director would want to oversee the conversion themselves (we're looking at you, James Cameron.) But now that we can convert anything specifically for our home theater, here are 5 movies we'd love to see in 3D without the need for a fancy theatrical re-release. If 3D was good enough for Hitchcock, who are we to argue?

COMICSHellraiser - Hooks and chains coming at'cha. S&M puzzle-box demon Pinhead has been reused so many times that he doesn't necessarily scare the kids today any more, but giving his flesh-ripping telekinesis a tactile boost just might do the trick. Scene we're most excited for in 3D: Frank finally getting his just desserts while speaking aloud the shortest verse of Scripture.

COMICSMetropolis - The adventures of Freder and Maria in Fritz Lang's fascist future might find an audience in theaters if it were to get a bells and whistles re-release in 3D, but a limited, esoteric audience is not going to justify the cost. Silent doesn't sell - even The Artist had low grosses, though the finale of Hugo showed silent films can look great in the new dimension. Scene we're most excited for in 3D:  Any of those sweeping cityscapes that inspired Blade Runner, Star Wars and pretty much every subsequent sci-fi epic ever.

COMICSMonterey Pop - What on earth is a concert film doing in a 3D nerdout? One only need look at Justin Bieber and Katy Perry to see how much 3D can bring to a celebration of sound. Okay maybe those are bad examples. While many would argue for Woodstock to be the concert film destined for inclusion, Monterey Pop was the movie that captured the amazing moments that went on to define acts like The Who and Jimi Hendrix. Scene we're most excited for in 3D: While The Who kill it when they destroy their instruments, Jimi Hendrix's seminal performance would be dazzling. That guitar wasn't set on fire for nothing, you know.

COMICSSky Captain and The World of Tomorrow - The Jude Law starrer was one of the earliest "All Green Screen" movies. Shot on a tiny budget and with most of the visuals being done using CGI in post, Sky Captain is one of the most natural fits for a 3D conversion. The Max Fleisher inspired robot designs, cool battles across the sky and in the ocean, this movie has everything you'd want to see in 3D, including Nick Fury-esque Angelina Jolie. Scene we're most excited for in 3D: The downtown giant robot vs Sky Captain aerial battle.

COMICSMission: Impossible 1-4 - From a giant wall of water rushing at the screen in part 1 to the climbing of a Dubai tower in Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible series has plenty of scenes that would look awesome in three dimensions. Ethan Hunt and company were flashy in every movie, but Mission: Impossible 2 and Ghost Protocol would be the epitome of "must own 3D home entertainment." Scene we're most excited for in 3D: Four words, "John Woo Motorcycle Chase." 

What films do you want to see get the post-conversion 3D treatment? Head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages to let us know.

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