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Thu, 15 Sep '11

Geek This Week: Stuck In The 80s!

Also Nintendo and Top Gun add 3D, plus caterpillar zombies.

MOVIESThere Can NEVER Be Only One - The same week that a director is announced to remake Highlander (28 Weeks Later's Juan Carlos Fresnadillo), we also get word that Top Gun will be post-converted to 3-D and Point Break is getting reimagined in the world of extreme sports. Considering they already rebooted Keanu Reeves and called it "Paul Walker," that last one seems fair enough.

TECHThe Crawling Dead - Just in case you didn't have enough things to be afraid of, a research team at Pennsylvania State University has discovered the existence of zombie caterpillars. Now you know what the one in that children's book was so hungry for: BRAINSSSSS!

TECHBlack Widow Bitten - Phone hackers released private photos of Avengers star Scarlett Johansson showing off her super form. Someone should have gotten her phone the Ultimate Mobile Armor (the tech developed for Obama's Blackberry). You'd think Shield would have covered that.

GAMESPink Eye - Nintendo plans to spur sales of the 3DS by adding a feature that will allow users to film in 3D...and by rolling out a pink design. Now if someone puts Baby in a corner she'll have kickass 3D games to play. Time of your life, indeed.

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