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Mon, 10 Oct '11

He's the G**damn Frank Miller!

In person, a man of few words. On paper, he makes them count.

Frank Miller's characters often have rich, rambling inner monologues, but they tend to be men of few words, and many of those words are unprintable here. While the man himself has been known to leave comments on the political blog of Victor Davis Hanson, when asked about his work he can be Marv-like in his judicious use of words. Asked if he might someday write a western, a simple "yes" suffices in response; "nope" is all he'll say when asked if the filmmakers working on the Daredevil and Wolverine movie reboots have asked for his input at all.

On the subject of his own cinematic future, however, he's a bit more open. Of the rumored 300 prequel and Sin City sequel, he says that "only the Dark Gods can tell. I have hopes." Pressed further, he says he "can't wait" for Sin City 2, which he expects to be his next directorial gig.

Right now, though, he has just released the graphic novel Holy Terror (win a copy from GCD today!), once pitched as a Batman versus Al Qaeda title in the vein of old World War II propaganda comics. But "once I saw the way my story was heading, I realized that it was far too extreme to make a Batman comic. DC and I agreed." It now stars a new vigilante called the Fixer, who has none of Batman's qualms about extremely lethal weaponry. While the book was a response to 9/11, he denies that making it was therapeutic, telling us "I don't use my work that way." Though Holy Terror and 300 have led some to brand him a conservative, he says he wouldn't redo anything about The Dark Knight Returns, which depicted Ronald Reagan as a witless boob and Superman as an uber-patriotic fascist.

Oh, and that "I'm the g**damn Batman!" line that gets mocked by fans for its faux-machismo? It's supposed to make you laugh. Says Miller, "It was a funny line when I wrote it."

Catch Miller and the Legendary Comics team this Saturday, Oct 15 at New York Comic Con, at a 2:30 p.m. panel hosted by Chris Hardwick. And don't forget, we've got a Holy Terror giveaway for you right here that's a legend in its own right.

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