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Tue, 10 Jan '12

David Cronenberg Festival Turns Queens into Mutant Wasteland

Enter a Videodrome of the infamous director's filmography.

David Cronenberg has had a fascinating career. The man behind horror classics such as Scanners and The Brood has, in recent years, migrated to less gruesome fare. Sigmund Freud doesn't even grow one extra limb in A Dangerous Method. Despite the curtailment of body mutation, however, he always leaves an indelible visual stamp on his films. The Museum of the Moving Image is going to let you behold that mutated stamp in all of its glory throughout its three-week tribute to all things Cronenberg.

This David Cronenberg film series will let viewers pop their eyeballs out over most of his filmography. There's the vampire flick Rabid, the Stephen King adaptation Dead Zone and the treatise on gaming eXistenZ. The series opens up with a multimedia conversation with the man himself, who will screen several rarely seen short films and discuss his career. No word on whether he will be ranting over Fox's decision to pour vinegar on his The Fly remake-remake. After the talk, stick around for showings of A History of Violence and Dead Ringers. At least neither character Jeremy Irons plays in the latter is Claus von Bulow. Now that would be scary.

The museum begins its long journey into madness on January 21st and ends the despicable descent on February 12th. There are multiple showings of different films throughout each weekend of the series. Kill some time between each one by turning a bunch of mutated fish bones into a gun. Then you can yell "Death to the demoness, Allegra Geller!" and mean it this time. 

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