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Fri, 7 Dec '12

Here's the Pitch: Four Sequels We Think the World is Ready For

It's not fan-fiction if someone runs with it.

Disney changed the landscape of Hollywood on October 30th. No, they didn't buy and level Mt. Hollywood: the Mouse House picked up Lucasfilm for a cool $4 billion and announced that Episode VII would be a reality by 2015. It just goes to show that not every film series needs a reboot to keep a franchise fresh; the company is also planning a third big-screen go-round for Tron. Here are four films we feel deserve a continuation within their own world, with our thoughts on the direction they should take. Struggling Hollywood franchise script doctors, you're welcome. Spoiler Warning: Our plot designs rely on what has come before, so if you haven't seen a movie we want a sequel for, you've been warned. Also, this isn't fan fiction, this is wish fulfillment.

COMICSThe Mighty Ducks - You know you love the Mighty Ducks. From the "Flying V" to the "Knuckle Puck," the hockey movies starring Emiliooooo are some of our best cinematic memories from our youths. Then you realize Joshua Jackson is now only a few years younger than Emilio Estevez was when he was in the original Mighty Ducks and that brings us too... The Pitch: Charlie Conway is about to wrap up a mediocre career in the NHL, disconnected and wanting to get back to his roots, Charlie goes to stay with Gordon Bombay (yes, Emilio's alcoholic character was named after two types of gin) who is running a pee-wee hockey league for at risk youth. Before he can save the kids, Charlie Conway needs to save himself. In the interest of saving cost, it should be shot simultaneously with Mighty Ducks 5: Iceland's Revenge.

COMICSSpeed - Let's just forget that the whole Speed 2: Cruise Control thing even happened. Why Fox thought a Speed sequel focusing on Sandra Bullock's Annie instead of Keanu's Jack Traven would be palatable is beyond us. Give us back Keanu; if Sandra comes along for the ride, so be it. The Pitch: Jack Traven is days away from earning his own gold watch when he gets drawn into a battle of wits against a madman determined to blow L.A. into the Pacific Ocean. The "speed" comes into play when Keanu needs to get to the bombs across the city and the timer on the bombs is unrealistically short. The twist? The bomber is the illegitimate son of Dennis Hopper's Howard Payne. Since the first one was hailed as Die Hard on a bus, this one can be Speed With a Vengeance. We'd run over a baby's pram to see this movie. Relax, it's just cans.

COMICSGreen Lantern - This one almost deserves a sequel just as an apology to fans for the trainwreck that was the original movie. Awkwardly, the biggest problem with the first film is that they did just enough things barely right that you caught a glimpse of what could have been an amazing movie. Mark Strong as Sinestro and Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan were great choices, now make a movie about their relationship. The Pitch: One year after the events of the first film, Hal and Sinestro (wielding the yellow ring) are close friends and great partners. But Hal is worried about the toll the yellow ringing is taking on Sinestro. If a GL sequel shows Sinestro's fall from grace and takes the film entirely off Earth, we'd give it a chance. And while we'd appreciate seeing Blake Lively become the Star Sapphire, let's give her the spotlight in a third movie.

COMICSThe Last Starfighter - We want this one for two reasons: 1) The original was a great story coupled with state of the art special effects and 2) our lifelong crush on Catherine Mary Stewart. This is a movie that wraps up very nicely, but that doesn't mean we haven't longed to see the further adventures of Alex Rogen (Lance Guest) in his Commodore 64 spaceship. The Pitch: After almost thirty years defending the Frontier, Rogen finds it's time again to find a new Starfighter as a new galactic threats surfaces. Returning to Earth, Alex reacquaints himself with his home planet's customs, and sees Maggie again - who left the galactic battlefront for reasons not clear. Until Alex meets Maggie's teenage son, who just so happens to be excellent at immersive 3D space adventure games. Could this boy be the key to saving the Rylan Federation? Special cameo by Jeff Bridges as Flynn. That's right - TRON crossover. Even those who weren't keen on Legacy would show up for that if it were the threequel. The title will naturally have to be The 2nd to Last Starfighter.

What amazing sequels do you guys want to see? Share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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